NEW Soft Cotton Cord - Cinnamon - 4mm – Thistle Creative Reuse

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NEW Soft Cotton Cord - Cinnamon - 4mm

Thistle Creative Reuse

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  • Single strand, soft cotton cord
  • Composition: Recycled Cotton
  • Length: 328 feet - 100 m 
  • Weight:  1.10 Lb - 500 g ± 5%
  • Diameter: 4 mm - 0.16 inch
  • Perfect for Macrame / Weaving: This is a very versatile string for macrame, perfect for softer detailing. If you’re looking for an adorable macrame boho look, that’s a great choice because it unravels beautifully.

This single-strand cotton cord is gentle on your fingers, making it easier to tie all those knots. Its smooth texture works well for adding soft details to your pieces, and it unravels into a beautiful fringe.

This Macrame Soft Cotton Cord is manufactured using an eco-friendly manufacturing process. They start by selecting cotton fabrics that have been discarded from the garment industry. Then they break the fabric into fibers and spin them to create a new cord. We never dye the fiber.

This unique process helps keep fabric out of landfills and reduces CO2 emissions. It also uses less than half the water and energy compared to conventional cotton yarn manufacturing.

By selecting fabrics of similar colors when manufacturing this Soft Cotton Cord, they can create the highest quality upcycled cotton cord on the market in a variety of beautiful colors. From bold and vibrant to natural hues, you’re sure to find the shade you need!