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AccuCut Mark IV Roller Die Cut System

Thistle Creative Reuse

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Includes: roller, tray, +1 die. 

Teachers love saving time by cutting up to eight layers of paper, polyfoam or felt at one time. You can cut anything that scissors can only faster and easier including magnet, sponge and recycled materials. That's what makes it our most popular machine for schools, churches and libraries.

Used with AccuCut and AccuCut-compatible dies, educators rely on their MARK 4 machine to help create curriculum-based materials. The results are more engaged students and increased retention. It also saves your school time and money because materials can be prepared in a fraction of the time compared to hand cutting.

The patented roller design makes cutting fast and easy without straining your hands. Simply turn the handle and roll through as many as five dies in a single pass. The roller pressure is pre-set so each cut is as easy as the first.

  • Sides of base fold up to give you more room to work and increase portability
  • 12 in. cutting width fits AccuCut dies up to Super Jumbo
  • Cuts as many as five dies and up to six layers at once
  • Durable steel roller safety guard
  • Dies cut foam side up so you can see what you're cutting and have less waste