Thistle Macrame Kit – Thistle Creative Reuse

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Macrame Garland Kit


You will find all of the video instructions below to make your very own macrame garland kit. This kit was made in partnership with The Locust Loom. 

Macrame Garland: Part One

Macrame Garland: Part Three

Macrame Garland: Part Two

Macrame Garland: Part Four


Most of us have engaged in creative reuse without even realizing it. Creative reuse is when you change an existing item's purpose or function by adding some good ol' fashioned creativity. The end result does not have to be a craft or art (although we might argue that makes it more fun). Creative Reuse examples include turning glass jars into candle votives, corks into toy sailboats, cardboard boxes into play castles, even turning an old t-shirt into a cleaning rag (admittedly a less glamorous example).

Reusing items extends the lifecycle of those items, keeping them from the waste stream, and reduces the demand for virgin (new) goods. Reuse also uses less financial resources. It's certainly more affordable to use what you already have or what you can find secondhand.

Thistle carries items that can be creatively reused, but Thistle also carries plenty of items that can be used for their intended purpose, but are pre-loved--think, a pair of scissors, yarn, or stickers.