Packaging – Thistle Creative Reuse

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At Thistle we strive to use reuse materials as our first choice for shipping, pick-up orders, and any packaging we may use. If you see some writing or old tape on your packages just know they are arriving to you pre-loved. If you happen to see single-use plastics in any of the packaging we use, it was donated but never purchased.

We do, occasionally, have to buy materials when we run low or have a specific need. When we do purchase materials we prioritize 100% post-consumer recycled products and products that are easily reused or recycled. 

We hope that any shipping materials that make it to you are further reused to extend their lifecycle as long as possible. 

It's really important to us to keep the waste generated through our operations to a minimum. Have a question about any of this? Don't hesitate to ask us: