Meet the Makers

Meet the Makers
Thistle Reuse Boutique  

Jeanna Dunlap

The Locust Loom is a one woman business run by Jeanna Dunlap in Denton, TX. What began as a need for more vertical houseplant storage has turned into a daily macrame practice. From plant hangers to purses, swings to straps, Jeanna challenges herself to make intricate and interesting items for the home. She also maintains a conscious effort to purchase materials from sustainable sources and produce as little waste as possible by inventing new projects for cord off-cuts and leftovers.

Heather Leigh Hoskins

Heather Leigh Hoskins is an Artist and a Maker located in Denton, TX. She is a maker of all things including painting, drawing, sculpting, and all things fibers. She often combines her fine art and her crafts together in her artistic practice. When not making fine art pieces Heather enjoys dyeing with indigo and using shibori techniques to create sustainable kitchen towels, crocheting reusable washcloths, and sewing all different types of projects.