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Meet the Makers

Meet the Makers
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Jeanna Dunlap

The Locust Loom is a one woman business run by Jeanna Dunlap in Denton, TX. What began as a need for more vertical houseplant storage has turned into a daily macrame practice. From plant hangers to purses, swings to straps, Jeanna challenges herself to make intricate and interesting items for the home. She also maintains a conscious effort to purchase materials from sustainable sources and produce as little waste as possible by inventing new projects for cord off-cuts and leftovers.

Alyse Hokamp

Alyse Hokamp is a professional musician, originally from Kailua, Hawaii. She started sewing in 2014 when as a newlywed, she realized how expensive curtains were. This led her down various internet rabbit holes, including the wonderful online sewing community. One of the resources that made her learning possible (and affordable) was Scrap in Denton. She is a self-taught seamstress, and mostly makes simple garments for herself and her family. She finds a lot of satisfaction in turning a piece of fabric into a functional, beautiful item.