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NEW Bamboo Deluxe Yarn

Thistle Creative Reuse

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Bamboo provides a luxurious shine and a spectacular fall to this fiber that offers endless possibilites to your fiber art and crafted projects. 

Besides being environmentally-friendly, biodegradable, soft to the touch and breathable, bamboo fiber is antibacterial and hypoallergenic

  • Composition: 80% Bamboo and 20% Merino Wool
  • Length: 98 yards - 90 m
  • Weight: 1.8 oz - 50 g; Fine/ Sport weight
  • Diameter: 2 mm - 0.078 inch (5/64)
  • Suggested crochet hook/ knitting: 4mm - 5mm 
  • Perfect for Weaving / crochet and knitting: This yarn is easy to knit and create comfortable garments. Add it to your hand-woven creations to get a luxurious finish or use it in your punch needle embroidery craft projects.