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Ulano Glideliner X290

Thistle Creative Reuse

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28" glide, 36" blade

The best no-compromise drawing board accessory for graphic artists, printers, draftsmen and engineers. 

At last: a device offering all the advantages of the T-square or parallel rule with none of the drawbacks.

Attaches to any light table, drawing board, or drafting table, so unlike the T-square, it stays in position. And while your parallel rule can get in the way, the Ulano Glideliner X290's blade is hinged to move up off the board for easy interchanging of art work. The full-length hinge eliminates play.

Stainless steel blade.

Ball-bearing smoothness.

Durable, play-free construction.

The Ulano Glideliner X290's nick-resistant, stainless steel blade moves on low-friction ball bearings in a rigid steel glide.

3-point attachment of blade to glide, with countersunk screws, eliminates play.

There are no strings, wires or pulleys to wear out and replace.

A stop lever feature can fix the blade in position along the glide, returning it to place after hinging-up.